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Go DEEP Down The Rabbit Hole, Learn Powerful Techniques For Creating The Life You Want... And Obliterate *Anything* That Stands In Your Way!
UBERMAN (2nd Edition) is now available!
In just a few minutes, you'll learn astonishing secrets of the hidden powers dwelling DEEP within you…

Some of this material has NOT been shared openly in hundreds of years... Inner Circles, Mystery Schools and Secret Societies have kept these mysteries under "lock and key" for far too long!
Inside these pages, you'll learn amazing things like: 
  • ​How to turn yourself or a friend into an instant "lie detector" - this misunderstood technique can be performed by anyone, anywhere at anytime... and once you learn how to use it the right way, the results will astound you!
  • An awesome secret about your subconscious, and how you don't need countless years of meditation to communicate with it... that's right, you can meet the wiser, deeper, enlightened part of you in minutes!
  • ​How you can influence another person's strength, without ever touching them! (once you see this, you might have a hard time picking your jaw up off the floor!)
  •  The secret behind the figure-eight "infinity" symbol... and how you can use it to easily unscramble your energy fields, allowing you to instantly think more clearly, make better decisions, have less stress and so much more!
  • ​Why some public speakers can drain an entire audience within minutes... while others enlighten, inspire and motivate people just by being in their presence! (If you want an 'unfair advantage' over any social situation, you must see this!)
  • ​How an "imaginary line" drawn straight down the middle of your body can actually remove tension, pain, illness, disease and stress within SECONDS. (Once you learn this powerful technique, you'll want to demonstrate it on everyone you know... in fact, others might call you a miracle worker…)
Most people prefer not to “meddle” in these matters. For decades, they've called them conspiracy theories... or witchcraft, new-age BS, scientifically iffy 'psycho-babble' or at the very least 'pseudo-science' with no tangible results.

And It's not their fault, really. 

According to Friedrich Nietzsche “Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth, because they don't want their illusions destroyed."
If you've always been addicted to that helpless feeling where you blame everything on being beyond your control, then none of this is going to make sense to you.

In fact, you had better stop reading now, and close the page. 

But If you've always suspected you deserve more out of life…
Or you've spent years trying out countless transformation systems that promised magical results but didn't work…  And now you're skeptical because you've always ended up feeling stupid for daring to believe in the first place... then keep reading because this is entirely different.
Look! I totally get it…
For example, I know it isn't so much about the money you've wasted in the past. The part that hurts the most is believing you've finally found the answer…

Only to later discover you've been tricked yet again... and it hurts like hell.

If I am right, then please keep reading.

To be honest, there's a reason this knowledge was kept secret for centuries… 

These secrets were normally considered to be reserved only for the rich and powerful - and if everybody knew them, then they would lose their power...
In fact, so strong was this sworn silence, that under the pain of death, the custodians of this ancient wisdom would rather give a placebo. (And this is how "new age" material was born)

It looked real enough on the surface… and somewhat convincing. 

But it was a mere shadow of "the real thing" which was kept in the highest secrecy. 

Soon enough however, this shadow caused a problem. 

You see, as these secrets traveled across generations, so did the shadow.
And It's Taken Over 10 Years Of Grueling Research, Experiments... And Epic Failures To Separate The Wheat From The Chaff
Sometimes, it would seem easier to just give up.

Hundreds of experiments thought to be theoretically 'plausible' would fail... again and again. Entire books were written on topics that simply had no basis whatsoever in physical reality.

And shockingly (for some) many of the so-called "spiritual masters" or "gurus" turned out to be nothing more than average folks in desperate financial situations just trying to make money.

Unfortunately, this was the case in just about every part of the world.

No wonder hardcore skeptics believe the way they do... they have every right to!

Most of what has been peddled as supernatural or 'psychic' abilities simply does not work. (Not in the way they have taught it, anyway...)

But then as our research continued, strange things started happening that defied all logic.

Out of the hundreds of experiments conducted, there were a handful of techniques that seemed to actually get results. Some miraculous. And this simply could not be ignored.

Slowly but surely, over years of tremendous study, practice and deep research into these mysteries, more and more techniques for rapid self development were uncovered that actually worked.

WARNING: If you're looking for some motivational, conceptual or "woo-woo" material, then this book isn't for you.
"I took a chance on UBERMAN and I have to say it's a lot better than I expected. And all of it is very valuable. But there was this one thing in there that totally floored me. I've used and taught EFT for over ten years and thought there was nothing better after going through NLP, hypnosis training and trying out some of the other energy modalities. But THIS... it has simplified the same process down to just a wave of my hand and it works completely and instantly every time! This has made me really question what's possible in a whole new way!  

Get UBERMAN. You won't regret it."  -Jim Shane
"I got the book! Exciting! A blessing! I thank you for making it available. My sister also got it. Appreciate it so much, thank you!" -Ileana Calderon
"I feel so honored to have been allowed to enter into this 'inner sanctum.' Just a few paragraphs in and it became extremely clear that this is what I have been searching for my entire adult life!

I realize now that this was also what my father was also searching for but came to the end of his life never finding it but urging his children to keep looking. He felt that somehow, somewhere the secrets of how to become truly happy were out there. He was a big believer in the power of 'mind over matter.' 

Thank you so much for producing this incredible 'life-line' to help regular folks like me to get out of the sea of suffering. Thank you a thousand times over!" -Tanya Anthony
And this barely scratches the surface. You'll also learn...
  • ​Two incredible "power tools" you can begin using to start immediately manifesting a happier, more magical life in five minutes or less... use these two simple tools every day and witness huge positive shifts in all areas of your life!
  • A master technique for manifesting the energy of money (or anything else)... you'll begin to understand how energy is transformed into physical experiences using a law that goes way beyond the Law of Attraction and gives you actionable steps you can take to begin creating experiences that match your desires!
  • A 'deceptively simple secret' that's like giving yourself "admin" access to the command prompt of your mind... and then gives you commands you can use to begin influencing physical reality!
  •  Why "bad" things happen, and what to do about them... if you've ever wondered why you create bad things in your life, this gives you exactly the answer you're searching for... and could cause you to see the world in a whole new way!
  •  The one thing you MUST do to manifest anything you want into your life... 99% of people trying to create their reality miss this crucial step, and then wonder why 'nothing happens.' Once you learn this, you'll never again have to ask yourself this question, because your manifestations will begin flowing into your life faster than ever before!
  •  How to have a one-on-one personal experience with the famed, "Zero Point State." This will no longer be a mystery to you, as you discover you can get there as many times as you wish, anytime you want!
  • ​The "Bow & Arrow" Technique for Instant Manifestation - This was developed from a combination of the most powerful quantum consciousness technologies available today. Things like this used to be kept so secret, whoever spilled the beans would have their tongue ripped out (no joke!) But today, you're going to learn it!
  •  The problem with Visualization, and how to fix it... Most people have a huge problem with visualizing anything... or, at least they think they do... here's how to master visualization, literally overnight!
  • ​How your entire world (as you perceive it) is created through SOUND, and how you can use this knowledge to raise your vibrations and experience new realities through resonance!
  •  How to overcome any challenge, no matter if you think you're at the end of your rope and there's no hope left! (regardless how you feel, or what you believe this is virtually guaranteed to work for you...)
"Congratulations for writing UBERMAN. It's a true masterpiece! It doesn't reinvent the wheel and it doesn't have to... However, your book offers solid functional wheels well oiled. A must read for anyone who wants to tap into their true potential." -Michel DeVos
  • The Secret of 'True Love' and what to do when your other half isn't on the same path you are... you really can be happy, stay with the one you love, and keep growing and learning together!
  • The secret science of "miracles" and how you can perform them. Once you learn this 'consciousness technology' your limitations will be shattered!
  • How to find your purpose... most people go through life wondering what their purpose is... "why am I here?", "what am I supposed to do?", "what is my true calling?" - here's how to find these answers and fulfill your purpose!
  •  How to cure any addiction... there's something about "addiction" that you were never taught in school, or anywhere else. And once you learn this invaluable lesson, no substance, concept, idea or experience can ever be attached to you again, unless you want it. Do this technique and you can be free, and in control of your life.
  • ​The Secret of ESP, Telepathy & Precognition - once you learn this secret, your mind will never be the same. Imagine being able to see into potential futures, the past, remotely see across vast distances... it's all REAL and it's here for you to enjoy and experience... but you MUST learn the secret of how your higher mind works to make this actually possible!
As you can tell, we're excited to bring this to you. It has taken more than 10 years of grueling research, experimentation, miserable failures and mind-boggling successes to write this book.

The first edition of this book was so popular when it was released, the paperback version was being resold on Amazon for hundreds of dollars... up to $1,111.62 per copy!
This 2nd Edition is not available in stores, on Amazon or anywhere else. It's been revised, updated and polished like a precious diamond. And it's ONLY available from this website.

And you can have it right now as a digital download so you can start reading it and using the techniques to transform your life in the next 2 minutes.

You can download UBERMAN (2nd Edition) right now for only $47.

If you're not completely satisfied for any reason within 30 days, you get a full refund. 
"What can I say UBERMAN is amazing. Ever since its coming I fell in love with it and the power it has. I've changed so much in my life due to this book... Every time I sleep it's all lucid dreaming, eight hours of the day I'm sleeping I'm in control of my dreams.

I've lived entire lives thanks to lucid dreaming and those lives are growing. Hypnosis is something I've done for about 4 years now and my clientele has tripled since reading it... the changes have been amazing. 

I get random people offering my services now and I'm changing their lives for the better. The power of this book is amazing that I now can use my hypnosis to help anyone manifest anything they want in their life, this book acted as my amplifier to hypnosis and now I can say my spirit will truly live forever. In the end this book was amazing and worth every cent and I hope you will embrace the power of this book as well." -"HypnoIcon" Tony Nuss Stage Hypnotist/Hypnotherpaist/Public Speaker
UBERMAN Is Like The Workbook That The Producers Of “The Secret” Forgot To Include!
But that's still not all... in these 112 pages of this 2nd Edition you'll also discover:
  • Why most people struggling with money think of it as paper with dead presidents on it... but the real value of money is _____________ (Hint: It isn't time - or Bitcoin)
  • Eight steps to consistent and scientifically reliable money manifestation (that has nothing to do with 'coincidence' or planning on purpose)
  • ​Are you unconsciously attracting bullies, misery and drama in your life? (Sometimes, you're too deep into the matrix to tell which). The evidence is hard to find, but here is your way out.
  •  How a simple tweak of your perception can help bring us all closer to global peace.
  •  _____________, and ___________, along with __________ and __________ are 4 powerful phrases that can generate instant healing, even for the critically ill. ( And you don't have to be in contact with them to get verifiable results)
  •  7.2 billion humans are raised on a single question that ignites enslavement programming inside them. Here's how to regain control and switch to a new program effortlessly.
  • ​While most other people feel like they're blown about like a tumbleweed in the desert of life, you'll learn the shortest, most direct path to smashing through any goal you want to achieve!
  •  Some who get it, don't really get it. Make this tiny mistake, and you'll find yourself among the hardened 'skeptics' who've tried it all and failed miserably, then blamed the info!
  •  Are you “at the table” OR “on the menu?” ________ and _______ are 2 words that determine where you end up every single time. Find out inside.
  •  A working solution for anyone who struggles with feelings of being perpetually stuck in life, and weighed down with frustrations of the “been there, done that” syndrome.
  •  A surprising technique that helps put you at ease and strengthens your confidence in your own inner-power, reinforcing your self-trust so your limitless self can begin flowing abundantly!
  •  A way around the annoying "doubting Thomas" inside who always soils your progress through unbelief in your own full potential that zaps your unstoppable true power.
  • ​While other methods barely ever generate verifiable, repeatable results you'll learn secret skills, techniques and hidden consciousness technologies that ONLY produce these kinds of results!
  •  And much, much more! 
"I am really enjoying UBERMAN, taking it slowly and doing the exercises, watching the videos... I'm only up to page 56. This is absolutely mind blowing! The synchronicity taking place in my life, the enhanced intuition about money, serendipitous knowledge, epiphanies and revelations make it unmistakably clear that UBERMAN is a priceless gem. I can't wait to see what will happen when I finish the program!"  -Jorge Rivas
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