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FRONT END: UBERMAN: 2nd Edition - The best-selling book's 2nd edition reveals hidden secrets from the ancient past infused with modern day cutting-edge consciousness technologies and techniques for rapid self development!

OTO #1: The Mind Hack Recipe - A pocket guide "cookbook" of the very latest techniques and training systems ever discovered to hack the brain's function as the door to higher awareness!

OTO #2: Chinese Energetics Home Study Course - Eliminate stress at the quantum level and reduce or remove aches, pains, long-standing issues or unconscious programming and much, much more within seconds!

OTO #3: Art of Neutrality Video Course Upgrade - Get two complete video training courses on mastering the art of Chinese Energetics... That's SIX Hours of the most advanced training available on video!

OTO #4: Enlightened Millionaire Mentorship Lvl1: Superhero Ninja Warrior Training Masterclass - A workbook-style Masterclass for six-weeks of mentorship w/ business & personal development techniques and methods to reach $10k+ per month within 6 weeks!

OTO #5: Enlightened Millionaire Mentorship Lvl2: Inspired Six-Figure Warrior Bootcamp - A unique mentoring experience for consultants who want to reach the next level by integrating their own high-ticket coaching program to increase wealth and prosperity through results-driven goal crushing to six-figures!

OTO #6: Enlightened Millionaire Mentorship Lvl3: Enlightened Millionaire Intensive - Personalized mentoring for meeting specific goals for both business owners and their team to maximize productivity w/ cutting-edge personal development and unique business growth acceleration strategies for reaching 7-figures or higher in their business!

OTO #7: Enlightened Millionaire Mentorship Lvl4: Enlightened Millionaire Mastermind Inner-Circle - At the highest level, you'll enter our "Inner-Circle" where we'll join forces with your company to create 7-figure profit windfalls utilizing our rapid growth acceleration strategies and "done for you" systems and services!
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